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Insert subitems into your documents



  • Natanael Wallberg

    Would be nice if you could include al subitems from a board...


    boards main items are a checklist for a construction and subitems are materials used for each main item... i whant to gen a list of materials used...

  • Sami Caracand

    Thanks for the suggestion, Natanael!

    I will drop you a word by email. 

  • Cristina Coronado

    Is there a way to sort the subitems table?

    Now the order is not the same order as the one we se in Monday and we cannot see any way to set it. Looks like is sorting by the latest modified subitem at the end of the table. 

    Thanks for your help!

  • Ralph

    Thank you for the question, Cristina!

    Please be informed that when you generate a document containing a table of items or subitems, the table rows will be in the same order as your board items (or subitems) were created. If you rearrange the items/subitems on your board, the generated table in your document will not be rearranged accordingly; instead, it will continue to display rows in the order they were created in your board.

    This is a limitation we are working on resolving and once this gets implemented we will surely let you know!

  • Cristina Coronado


    Is there any update regarding this sorting issue. This is still a big problem for us. 



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