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Filter items or subitems when inserting tables into your documents


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  • Lorelle

    I'm using the instructions to generate documents containing a specific group or specific row from a board. We have a list of items we need to generate regularly, one item per row (not subitems). 

    Each attempt generates the last item in the list, not the first, and nothing more. 

    The items are generated from a form, which defaults to "Incoming Form Response." Adding a "Name" doesn't work for the form though we are looking at options on how to force our staff to generate a "unique" name. 

    1. I've tried the checkbox method. 

    2. I tried a variety of filters using the split view: 

    A. Filtering by group. 

    B. Filtering by Status. 

    C. Filtering by Status and Date. 

    D. Filtering by Date.

    E. Manually changing the 10 items Item Name to a unique name. None of these options change the results of the generated document. It still pulls the last one on the list. 

    The template is this: <strong><<column_firstrow:Event Date>> - <<column_firstrow:Event Title>> - <<column_firstrow:Team Name>> on <<column_firstrow:Platform>>:</strong> <<column_firstrow:Event Description (Long)>>. <<column_firstrow:Team Statement>> Join the team when they meet on the <<column_firstrow:Weeks>> of the month on <<column_firstrow:Day>>. 

    This is our first run at DocuGen and our second is well into the planning stage for our small non-profit, and much more complicated - generated grant documents - so we are eager to figure this out. Thank you!


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